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Side 1 of Do Parents Who Get Divorced Still Love Their Kids?

On the front of the card is a question to start conversation.


Adults know that divorce doesn’t mean the parents will stop loving their children. However, children don’t always understand this.  Children who have seen love between his parents disappear, may fear that this could also happen with the parents love for them.

" Dusty & Abby respond to the question from side 1"

On the back of the card is a response from two children to the question and another similar question for discussion.

One day at school Kimberly age 5 was taking her turn at “Show & Tell”.  She announced to the class that her parents no longer loved each other and her dad was moving out. She told the class  she did not think dad loved her anymore.

It is important for children to understand that they will continue to be loved even though their parents will no longer be married.  Children need to be assured that divorce will not change their parent’s love for them. 


“Talking helps children understand”

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Why Talk About It?

Why Talk About It?.

What Kids Wonder About

What Kids Wonder About.

Talk About It™ – Divorce

Divorced parents and professionals working with youth realize children struggle with the transitions inherent in divorce.  Yet many lack the effective resources and tools to help children through this difficult life challenge.  Talk About It™-Divorce conversation starter cards were professionally designed after years of working with youth, listening to their questions and their perspectives on divorce. 

In this blog, we will talk about the issues children deal with most during & after the break up of their parents.

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